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Whether you want manual driving lessons or automatic driving lessons in London, the ultimate goal is to pass the driving test. At Tuga Driving School, with our high pass rate, our main goal is to teach you to drive and pass both the theory and driving tests.

Are you ready to learn how to drive in London?

With so many driving schools in London, how do you decide which school, as they all say they are the best driving schools!

What we recommend is to visit our London driving school and chat with an instructor. Are you both compatible enough to get along? After all, you are going to spend time together.

You want a driving instructor who you feel comfortable with and who gets you through the test with professional tuition.

How many lessons before the Driving Test?

Average research shows that the younger you are, the quicker you learn, so much less tuition is needed. On average, a 17-year-old would need around 40 lessons. While a 40-year-old on average would need around 60 lessons, this all depends on the pupil and their learning rate.

Your assigned driving instructor will be able to ascertain after the first lesson how much practice you need on the road.

Manual driving lessons in London or driving lessons in an automatic?

An automatic car is easier to drive, as there’s a lot less to think about. The same goes for automatic driving lessons; there is no gear-changing involved. Automatic cars select the gears automatically, giving the learner drivers less to worry about.

Driving skills such as road awareness, driving in built-up and rural areas, theory tests, and practical tests are the same. The downside is that if you learn to drive and pass the tests in an automatic, you are restricted to only being allowed to drive automatic cars.

Benefits of taking a driving test in a manual car

Driving Lessons London using a gear and clutch car teaches a driver the same as an automatic driving lesson but with added clutch and gear skills. The upside is that, once a driving test is passed, the licence enables the driver to drive auto or manual cars legally.

Nervous? Chat with our driving school instructors

If you are unsure whether to choose an automatic or a manual car, it’s not a problem. One of our highly experienced driving instructors is here to help and advise on the best vehicle for driving lessons in London.

Manual driving lessons in London

Where to start

If you are 17 years of age or older, before signing up for driving lessons, you need to apply to the DVLA for a provisional licence. This will enable you to legally drive on the roads under supervision with learner plates.

A provisional licence takes from 4 to 6 weeks to arrive; once received, it is time to book driving lessons.

If time is limited and you need to pass the driving test quickly, we offer intensive learning courses or semi-intensive driving courses.

If you have more time and prefer a more leisurely pace, we would recommend two hours of lessons per week until your instructor feels the time is right to take the test.

Standard driving lessons for manual learners

By now, you should have decided whether to have automatic or manual driving lessons. Whether there are automatic or manual driving lessons, the structure of the course remains the same.

What you will be taught:

  • Roadcraft, such as dual carriageways, roundabouts, and junctions
  • Parallel parking
  • Manoeuvres
  • Being able to adapt to road and driving conditions
  • The Highway Code

Intensive driving course in London

If you take this route before the course starts, you need to pass the theory test. Learning will be intense, with days spent out on London roads honing your driving skills.

Each lesson with the instructor is one-to-one, with nobody else in the vehicle. It’s the instructor’s job to have your test ready in the allotted time frame. Whether that’s one week, two weeks, or four weeks,.

Whichever course you take, we aim to help you pass the theory test and have you ready for the practical driving test.

Why learn to drive a manual with Tuga Driving School?

  • The high test pass rate per lesson ratio
  • Learn one-to-one with an instructor
  • Friendly and professional driving instructors
  • Automatic or manual driving lessons
  • Unrivalled school in London with outstanding instructors to learn to drive with

Get in touch and start learning today

If you reside in London and want to become a competent driver, contact us today for manual driving lessons.

Manual Driving Lessons London

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