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Clapham Common is a large triangular park situated in South London, spanning the London Boroughs of Lambeth and Wandsworth. It is one of the most popular and historic green spaces in the city, known for its recreational facilities, community events, and vibrant surrounding neighbourhoods.

We provide driving lessons to the following post code in the area of Clapham Common:

  • SW4

Tuga Driving School has fully qualified and approved DVSA driving instructors with years of experience as drivers and driving instructors.

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To book driving lessons in Clapham Common, get started by entering filling up our contact form, with what best days and times you wish to have your driving lessons within the Clapham Common area. Then you can choose if you want manual driving lessons or automatic driving lessons.

Once you have filled in the form one of our local Clapham Common driving instructors will be in touch to discuss and arrange the driving tuition you desire. Have a look at our prices page for deals and hourly rates.

Automatic Driving Instructor Clapham Common

Many pupils choose to learn in an automatic car and one of the main reasons for this is because they believe that they are easier to learn and get confident. All our driving lessons are provided by our DVSA fully qualified driving instructors.

Manual Driving Instructor Clapham Common

Many pupils choose to learn in a Manual car and one of the main reasons for this is because you then allowed to drive both automatic cars and the manual, at this time there are more manual cars available. All our manual driving lessons are provided by our DVSA fully qualified driving instructors.

For details on our selection of driving lessons click here. We tailor our lessons to the student’s individual needs as we are all different. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on the number above. We don’t pressure block booking us we like you to be comfortable and you can pay as you go.

Intensive Driving Course

Our intensive driving course or a semi-intensive course could be your answer to passing your test in a timely fashion. Intensive courses are proving to be very popular with people who haven’t the time to wait half a year or more before taking their driving test.
Lear more about intensive driving lessons.

Pass Plus

We offer a 6 module Pass Plus course for drivers that usually entails around 6 hours of tuition. You will learn essential driving skills on motorways, night driving, rural roads, and all weather driving.
Learn more about our Pass Plus driving course.

Refresher Driving Lessons

Our refresher lessons can be booked either for manual or automatic transition and are a great way in which to refresh and touch up on your driving skills. This is ideal for those who have not driven for a long time or are perhaps just anxious and want to brush up on certain skills further.
Learn more about our refresher lessons.

Clapham Common local area information


  • Origins: Clapham Common has a long history dating back to mediaeval times, when it was common land used by local residents for grazing livestock. It was officially recorded as common land in 1086 in the Doomsday Book.
  • 18th and 19th Centuries: During the 18th and 19th centuries, Clapham Common became a fashionable area for wealthy Londoners, leading to the construction of grand Georgian and Victorian houses around its perimeter.
  • Public Park: In 1877, the Common was officially converted into a public park, and since then, it has been managed by the local authorities to serve the community.

Features and amenities

  • Green Space: Clapham Common covers approximately 220 acres, offering extensive open lawns, woodlands, and ornamental gardens. It is a favourite spot for picnics, leisurely walks, and outdoor sports.
  • Ponds: The park features three ponds—Eagle Pond, Mount Pond, and Long Pond—which are popular for fishing and attract a variety of wildlife, including ducks, geese, and swans.
  • Sports Facilities: Clapham Common provides numerous sports facilities, including football pitches, tennis courts, and a skatepark. There are also areas for cricket and a running track.
  • Bandstand: The Clapham Common Bandstand, built in 1890, is one of the oldest bandstands in London and serves as a focal point for community events and performances.
  • Cafes and Playgrounds: The Common is home to several cafes, offering refreshments and a place to relax. There are also multiple playgrounds and play areas designed for children of all ages.

Community and events

  • Community Hub: Clapham Common is a central hub for the local community, hosting various events throughout the year. These include music festivals, outdoor cinema screenings, fitness classes, and charity runs.
  • Clapham Common Funfair: The annual funfair is a popular event, attracting families and visitors with rides, games, and food stalls.
  • Protests and Gatherings: The Common has historically been a site for public gatherings, demonstrations, and protests, reflecting its importance as a civic space.

Surrounding area

  • Clapham Old Town: Located to the north of the Common, Clapham Old Town features charming streets, boutique shops, and a variety of pubs, bars, and restaurants. It retains much of its historic character with Georgian and Victorian architecture.
  • Transport Links: Clapham Common is well-served by public transport, with Clapham Common Underground Station on the Northern Line providing easy access to Central London. Clapham South and Clapham North stations are also nearby, as well as several bus routes that traverse the area.
  • Residential Appeal: The neighbourhoods around Clapham Common are highly desirable, known for their vibrant community atmosphere, excellent schools, and mix of housing options, from period homes to modern apartments.

Environmental and conservation efforts

  • Wildlife and Biodiversity: Efforts are made to maintain and enhance the biodiversity of Clapham Common, including the management of its ponds and wooded areas to support wildlife habitats.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Local councils and community groups work together to promote sustainability, such as through recycling programmes, reducing waste, and encouraging environmentally friendly practices among park users.

Clapham Common is a cherished green space in South London, providing a blend of recreational opportunities, community engagement, and natural beauty. Its historical significance, combined with its modern amenities, makes it a vital part of the local area’s identity and lifestyle.

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