A significant portion of drivers in London would fail their driving theory test if retaken today, highlighting a lack of driving knowledge in the capital compared to the rest of the UK.

According to a recent Independent Advisor Car Insurance survey, London drivers answered only two of five typical driving theory questions correctly on average.

The study showed that 64% of drivers in London would not pass the theory test based on their performance on these five questions.

The survey further disclosed that nearly 30% of drivers in London could not correctly identify that triangular road signs serve as warnings.

Moreover, over a quarter of London drivers (29%) mistakenly believe that using full beam headlights at night on the motorway appropriate, and another 10% consider front fog lights, actions which could dangerously impair the vision of other drivers.

Given that a passing mark for the theory test requires correctly answering 86% of questions, equivalent to 4 out of 5 questions in this survey, most London drivers would fail the test.

This turns London into a city with the lowest driving knowledge in the nation, as per the survey findings.

Connor Campbell, who is an expert at Independent Advisor Car Insurance, commented on the results, noting:
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Nationwide, 1 in 5 drivers failed to recognise that triangular road signs signify warnings.

Only 32% of young drivers aged 17 to 24 were able to correctly answer four or more questions, with one in ten failing to do so.

Mr Campbell said:
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The survey revealed five common driving theory test questions that London drivers found challenging:

Five Common Driving Theory Test Questions