Nothing is good like knowing that you have completed your driving lessons, passed the examinations, and are now equipped with a valid driving license. Imagine the fact that you can drive to any part of the UK without worrying about police roadblocks and checkpoints. Well, this is one of the best moments that anyone can think of. You can drive to any part of the UK and enjoy the amazing scenery and admire sweeping skylines as a competent driver. However, this can only be achieved if you have the driving essentials from a reputable driving school in the country. This is where Tuga Driving School comes in. Once you join Tuga Driving School, you can be sure that you will go out as a competent driver.

Drive across the Scottish Highlands

This is one of the best ways you can celebrate after passing your driving tests and after getting your driving license. If you want to drive on open roads while seeing expansive clear rivers and mountain views, then you should take the road towards the Scottish Highlands. By the time you reach north of Glasgow on M8 and then A82, you will have enough experience driving along with the Scottish Highlands. For a better driving experience, you can opt to pass via Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, and home to the magnificent Loch Ness. Here you will enjoy driving up the hills and down the valleys of the Scottish Highlands and take your celebration to another level.

Your driving cannot be complete without passing through the Lake District

Well, you need to now take A591 through the Windermere and get the best driving experience and fascinating views of the Lake District. Here you will also have an opportunity to visit many little towns such as Keswick where you can have some drinks and stretch your legs a bit.

Have you ever been to the Evo Triangle before, Well you can now drive through it and get the experience of driving on one of the most popular routes in Britain. In order to get the best experience, you need to start your driving trip from A543 in the Denbigh Moors in North Wales. Driving along the Evo Triangle is not only amazing but allows you to enjoy viewing the beautiful scenery of the moors and the magnificent Llyn Brenig. You can be sure that the Evo Triangle will enable you to celebrate your driving skills in style.

Are you exhausted already?

How about driving through Snowdonia Park? You can change your experience by taking the A470 through picturesque Welsh valleys and enjoying watching the snow-capped mountains. You can lower your car windows slightly and drive in a style while watching the wildlife and the birds of prey. If you want to give your loved one a good treat, you can give him or her a ride and let them enjoy your driving skills.

It is now time to drive through the Atlantic Highway via North Devon and North Cornwall. If you have been admiring driving along the coastal line, the West Country will give you an amazing experience. You need to take A39, the Atlantic Highway through, and be ready to experience cliffs galore and beaches as you drive. This is actually one of the best routes to take during the hot day so that you can enjoy cool winds coming from the sea.

Have you ever passed through the Peak District before?

Well, this is another route that will give you great driving experiences. You can start your drive in Buxton through the Wirksworth and Bakewell. Here you not only enjoy a smooth ride but also enjoy watching the idyllic countryside in Britain’s first national park. If you admire driving in the countryside, this route will give you the best experience. You can drive along the rolling hills and farmland. To maximise your experience, you can spend a good time in the Alton Towers Theme Park too as you stress your legs.

How about driving across the ‘roof of England’ on route A686?

This route passes from Northumberland’s Haydon Bridge to Cumria’s Penrith. This route is popular with a motorcyclist, and you need to be careful of the sharp bends too. However, the route has dramatic and majestic landscapes where you can take amazing photos. You can also drive through Cheddar Gorge where the road appears as though the earth is opening up to show limestone cliffs. You can be sure that this route will give you breath-taking driving experiences. The truth is that the UK has over 200000 miles of road, and you can drive until you cannot hold the steering wheel anymore. It is fun driving around the UK roads, but you need to visit Tuga Driving School so that you can get the essentials before you can enjoy your ride.

Life after Driving Lessons It Is Time to Drive around the UK