Motorway Driving Lessons

Now, you’ve passed your test and can legally drive alone on the roads now, congratulations! Before you go haring out onto the motorway, it would be beneficial for you to have some motorway driving lessons with Tuga Driving School.

Motorways are like no other roads in the country and take a little while to learn how to navigate them and drive on them safely – we can help you with this.

Pass Plus Motorway Course

As well as the basics of driving on the motorway, our Pass Plus motorway driving lessons course includes:

  • Making effective observations

  • Assessing road/traffic conditions

  • Decision making

  • Driver attitude

  • Consideration for other road users

All our modules will be practical sessions and while you won’t be tested at the end, you will be assessed throughout the course and you will have to reach the required standard in each module in order to pass the course.

One added benefit of taking this course is that 69% of insurers take part in the Pass Plus course, meaning if you provide them with your certificate as proof you may receive up to a whopping 35% off your car insurance!

If you’re interested in our Pass Plus motorway driving lessons, please get in touch with us today by booking on our site. Alternatively, send us an email at or call us on 07876 773 423.

Motorway Driving Lessons